Our Location in Seward, Alaska

We are located on a small peninsula south of Seward called Lowell Point. Named after Frank and Mary Lowell, a famous Alaskan pioneering family, Lowell Point is a bedroom community made up of a small family farm, year-round residents, nightly lodging, and campgrounds and provides access to the Lowell Point State Recreational Area, Caines Head State Recreational Area, Fort McGilvray and the Kenai Fjords National Park. There are no restaurants or shops other than the campground’s concession.

Alaska is indeed the Last Frontier in the United States, and many travelers are not quite prepared for what they find when they visit. Outside of the major cities, even on the outskirts of cities, it is common to find areas lacking in any regulations (zoning) when it comes to land usage. Many areas are still lacking in things like electricity and running water.

What Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay offers are some immaculate “modern luxury” cabins and rooms in what remains one of the last frontiers, within the Last Frontier! Our cabins give you a rare opportunity to experience our magnificent Alaska scenery and wildlife in an up close, personal way.

Lowell Point looking north to Seward. Lowell Point Road is the line along the edge of the bay.

About Lowell Point Road 

To reach Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, you will drive to the end of the Seward Highway. From there you will turn right onto Railway Avenue, and when you cross the bridge at the large waterfall, you’ll be on Lowell Point Road for the next 3 miles until you reach Lowell Point.

Lowell Point Road is inside the City of Seward’s limits, and they maintain the road as best they can. Since it is an unpaved road carved out of the mountainside, it can suffer during extended periods of rain from both potholes and rockslides. In the winter, there are occasionally avalanches.

During the Super Moon, Blue Moon, high tide events that occurred in December of 2017 and again in January of 2018, the road was severely impacted and has narrowed in a few spots down to one lane.

Lowell Point Road is the second most traveled road in the Seward area after the Seward Highway. That’s because there are few places in the world that you can get as close to Mother Nature and the Ocean! People often see sea otters, Orcas, and Humpback whales in addition to Bald Eagles and a wide assortment of seabirds and ducks. There are even goats on the mountainside!

There are no restrictions against driving Lowell Point Road with a rental car. Rental Car restrictions against gravel roads are against “Highways,” not roads.