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Paul, originally from Massachusetts, moved to Alaska in 1971. Paul is, among his many skills, an extremely talented builder and carpenter. Paul is best known for his Silhouette Shingles and his unique artwork adorns numerous homes and businesses all around Seward and Lowell Point. Paul also has shingle murals in Moose Pass, Anchorage, and Fairbanks, in addition to Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Minnesota. 

Each of the Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay Cabins are adorned with his unique shingle artwork outside and offer unusual and creative touches throughout the insides. Look for more of Paul’s artwork as you drive around Seward and Lowell Point.

Lynda, a native New Yorker, had been living in Michigan for 16 years, when she packed up and moved to Alaska in 1997, specifically to establish this business. Although she had been successful in several different careers, she had always dreamed of having a business of her own. After several close calls with her health, she came to the realization that life is short; better to build your dreams now rather than just dream about them in some distant future. 

So, fulfilling her dream of 20 years, she came to Alaska in March of 1997 to find a new home and start a business where she could share her appreciation of life with others. When she found the land on Beach Drive, on Lowell Point, she knew instantly she was meant to settle here.

To Lynda, if there were a place where angelic beings went on vacation, it would be here, on the shores of Resurrection Bay, one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Hence the name of the business came to be. Lynda, in addition to managing Angels Rest, is also an author, luminary, visionary and life coach. You can learn more about her at personal website for her other business, LAMP in Alaska, LLC. Lynda is also an award winning photographer and stained glass artist.

All of the photos seen in the web site here and at Silhouette Shingles were taken by Lynda (unless otherwise noted).

Lynda created this stained glass hanging panel when she still lived in the mid-west. When she met Paul, it was very similar to the view out his dining room window…..Funny how that worked out!​ Point neighbor Paul H. Paquette, to build the first cabin for the business, which would serve as the office, and Lynda’s residence. Lynda was extremely excited that Paul consented to take on her cabin project. She didn’t realize that many of her neighbors had been match making, or that Paul would turn out to be the person she had been searching of her entire life. As in a fairy tale, and completely surprising both of them, they fell in love in the process of Lynda’s cabin being built. On New Years Eve of 1998/99 they committed to seeing where their partnership would take them, and began planning the first guest cabin.

Paul completed the first guest cabin, the Wing Cabin in the early summer of 1999; their first guest was in July. Paul and Lynda married in December of 2001. In May of 2003 the Hobbit Loft opened, which is now used for employee housing. In May of 2004 the Gatehouse Cabin opened to glowing reviews.

During the summer of 2004, Lynda retired from working for others (she’d been managing a 39 unit hotel for a number of years), and has been able to dedicate herself entirely to her customers. 

During the winter of 2007-2008, Paul and his nephew Richard completed the building we call Heron’s Roost, named for the Great Blue Herons that roost in the spruce trees around it. This 4 unit cabin sits across from the waterfront cabins and has great views. In mid-summer of 2008 Paul completed the 3rd and last waterfront cabin, Cloud 9.

In 2010 the Housekeeping and Laundry operations moved out of the Heron’s Roost building into the Guest Services building. This enabled us to remodel the Wood Nest room to give it a sitting room with view of the bay and a twin bed.

In the spring of 2012 Angels Rest expanded our capabilities when we opened the Gathering House, a beautiful windowed meeting room with a “fireplace” like heater. Large enough for about 20 people, this space serves a multiple of purposes including but not limited to, receptions, reunions, small groups, retreats, club, and meetings.

It’s a great place to gather for couples or families traveling together. Lynda often holds her coaching sessions here, and Paul and Lynda hold the meetings for the small volunteer organization AK ANGELS Care, Inc.

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