Welcome to 2022 and the Unknown Future of Covid-19!

Rest assured, regardless of all else, Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay LLC is ready for your 2022 visit irrespective of any impacts of Covid-19! 😀

Guests and travelers have anxiously looked forward to 2022, hoping that travel could return to normal. As of this writing, it’s probably too soon to tell what will happen with Covid this year. It seems quite calm at the moment, doesn’t it?

The world has figured out how to move around again safely. We have come a long way and have many safety measures available in vaccines, boosters, and testing. Mandatory mask mandates are still in place under some circumstances. Proof of vaccination may be required under certain circumstances as well.

People are on the move! Cruise ships are arriving in Seward for the first time in two years, and we have some guests arriving from Australia in August! They will be our first foreign guests in over two years.

For those of you who can get here, we’re ready for you, and your safety continues to be our top priority!

Since Covid-19 has been around for so long at this point, we have several other blog posts about our response that you may also want to review.

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The three cabin/room binders that the tablets now replace.

The room binder, activities binder, and hiking binder.

As we look forward to our 2022 guests, we are excited about some additional changes we’re making to keep you safe!

One of the things we have always been proud of in our offering is the level of detail we provide our guests about their visit.

Like the binders you find in fancy hotels, we provide our information in three binders. One binder is all about our property, your specific lodging unit, and your safety and comfort options. This binder includes local shopping details, restaurant recommendations, and sample menus.

The two additional binders cover the area’s activities and vendors, and hiking trails, including many maps.

Touchscreens will replace our room, activity, and hiking binders

Touchscreens will replace our room, activity, and hiking binders

In the interest of removing touchpoints of concern, we’re replacing all of the binders with digital tablets. With the help of a dedicated app on the tablet, it will be as if you have a binder in your hands, but better! Ultimately you’ll be able to access the Digital GuestBook from your mobile devices as well.

We’re excited that the tablets can produce a much richer experience for guests while keeping everyone as safe as possible. We hope the transition to the new format is an easy one. We didn’t make the rollout for 2021, so we have high hopes for 2022. LOL

From the business side of things, we’re looking forward to the ease of maintenance and the fact we’ll consume fewer office supplies. We are always interested in being as earth-friendly as possible.

We’re hoping that overall, these new tablets will be a win-win all the way around! Please let us know about your experience during your stay!





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