Every Traveler Should Listen To This Podcast!

Being lodging proprietors in “The Last Frontier,” we have recommended Trip Insurance to our customers from our opening day! Alaska is mostly a wild place. Not only are we surrounded by bears and moose, but Mother Nature can also provide us some wild weather! Additionally, many of the things our guests choose as activities are incredibly adventurous. (Paddling amongst icebergs, landing in a helicopter on a glacier, etc.)

In our case, to get to Lowell Point, where our property is, one must cross an easily washed-out bridge when there is flooding or heavy rain. We’ve had guests stranded on both sides of that washed-out bridge! One summer, in July (a dry month typically), the area in front of the Heron Roost was a rental car parking lot from guests that had to leave them behind and go on their way.

This podcast by TouchStay, the vendor that provides our digital guestbook software, is a great listen! Here is the true-life tale of two international travelers in the Amazon (another wild place) and what happened when one of them slipped on a stair.

We know how expensive and disruptive a slight misstep or bad weather can be when you are on vacation. We hope our guests take us up on our recommendation!

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