COVID-19 and Our Alaskan Response To Care For Our Guests

Update: September 5, 2020, In addition to everything we discuss below we have added Homelite 5 in 1 UV Air Purifiers equipped with both UV-C light which kills viruses and bacteria, and Hepa filtration that removes airborne allergens, resulting in a 99.99% effective cleaning of the air in your cabin or room.

As June inches near the solstice, there appears light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel for Alaska lodging businesses. People are traveling again!

At Angels Rest, we’ve remained open all winter and spring, so we’ve been through the wringer of mandates, indecisions, and constant change. We also endured months of no guests, so we are thrilled to be accomodating guests again!

Since our property has always been sparkling clean and offered self-check-in and self-check-out procedures, we’ve had little we have needed to change to accommodate Covid-19 mandates.

Here are the new things we’re doing at this point.

  • Daily Housekeeping, while we still offer it for an additional fee, is not as robust as it usually would be. The housekeeper will deliver fresh towels, more supplies, and will remove the trash. Guests will need to be able to place items outside and be available to take new things inside.
  • The Ice Machine is still operational for loose ice. The scoop gets stored on top of the machine in a Zip-lock bag. There is an antiseptic cleaner and a roll of paper towels so guests can clean the ice scoop handle before and after use. {The ice machine gets shut down mid-September.]
  • An antiseptic cleaner is available for guests where the shared items are (fishing poles, rubber boot, shared kitchen area, etc.)
  • Cleaning standards have gotten enhanced to include CDC and WHO guidelines.
  • Thermometers are available for each guest unit so visitors may monitor their health and report any illness suspicions immediately.
Since we’ve mostly greeted our guests outside, we’ll continue to do that and practice social distancing. Lynda has taken to wearing neck scarves, so she’s always prepared with a face covering. Paul usually has one in a back pocket, but meeting outside makes it easy to maintain a six-foot distance.
We continue to monitor the status of Covid-19 and what it means to our guests. We will modify policies and procedures as necessary moving forward.


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