DirectTV for the Water-view Rooms!

For a long time, we resisted putting in satellite television, because, this is the Last Frontier, after all! Play cribbage or some other card game! Read! Talk to each other! That’s what we’d say. LOL But as time has passed and we acquired staff that allowed us to stay open most of the year, we finally acquiesced. The days are short in the winter time, and television does make the time easy to pass. In addition to the standard channels, there’s also ESPN. We hope this additional amenity makes your stay more comfortable. Our final act of resistance is that the waterfront cabins remain limited to the DVD player and WIFI options for your viewing needs. Since more and more guests travel with access to their home satellite programming, we hope to leave the individual cabins pristine and free of television programming. With the bay right outside the windows, Mother Nature provides the waterfront cabins with a non-stop panorama to enjoy! Even guests who ask about a television signal when they arrive will often tell us later they were glad there was no tv! We encourage all our guests to take the opportunity to unplug when visiting the Last Frontier and Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay.

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