When your staff love Alaska it makes all the difference!

to have these two working for us! Taken when we stopped for brunch one trip to Anchorage.[/caption] One of the greatest challenges of a seasonal business is finding employees. In recent years the easiest and best employees have been foreign exchange students participating in the Government sponsored Cultural Work & Study Program. The students were always hard workers and we’ve enjoyed and remained friends with all our foreign students; the hardest thing about using that program are the dates of work the students have. Often the season has either started or lasts long beyond their work date windows, so we’re faced with the challenges of more temporary hires; which often need the same training. There have been some years that we’ve had to train as many as This summer we are to find 2 wonderful young women, one from Michigan and the other from Pennsylvania willing to come to Alaska for the summer. Turns out they both love Alaska, are both great workers and better still, like each other and get along (they share our employee housing)! We have our fingers crossed one or both will decide they love it here so much they’ll stay year round (at least for a few seasons)! 🙂

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