Best Place to Eat in Seward Alaska! Restaurant Review

“Life’s too short to eat boring food” is the motto of the best year-round restaurant in Seward, Alaska. Owned by people who really care about the food they serve, the unique Smoke Shack, in an old Alaska Railroad car, at the corner of Port and 4th Avenues is a gem. With just 6 tables inside, their freshly prepared meals will light up your taste buds. During summer months the Smoke Shack serves all three meals; in the off-season/winter they reduce their offerings to just a breakfast and lunch menu and close by 3pm.

Eggs Benedict with pan potatoes

This not your run of the mill fare! Hamburgers are handmade and thick, served with coleslaw and a side of beans. No french fries here. The coleslaw is fresh and unique; the beans are red or baked beans. They use good bread. Special attention is paid to all the meats they serve, hence the name “Smoke Shack.” You won’t find many seafood dishes on the menu, but often there’s a shellfish dish, like snow crab eggs Benedict. There are plenty of places in Seward to eat fish (Salmon Bake being the #1 place in the summer), but the Smoke Shack is the only place to get freshly smoked meats, fresh corned beef hash, or the best Ruben sandwich on the planet. Portion sizes are generous, and although they have raised their prices, the meals are still a good value.

I asked for “extra crispy” is why so browned 🙂

For Valentine’s Day this year (sorry it’s taken so long to post this!) we went out to breakfast at the Smoke Shack and we were not disappointed! The eggs Benedict had thick slices of delicious lightly smoked ham; the corned beef hash was fresh and fantastic, and there was more than I could finish!

Inside the Smoke Shack Railcar

The little Toyo heater keeps the rail-car comfortable in the winter; in the summer there’s plenty of covered outdoor seating. This little eatery is truly a unique dining experience year round. We hope everyone gives it a try!

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