Trash in the form of Objects

We sell China our garbage; and they sell it back to us in the form and shape of objects – they look real, and feel real, but when put to use, they decay, fall apart or break often in less time than it took to unwrap them. There are a lot of things wrong with our economy, and this is certainly one of them. It’s a big one! How can people possibly afford to keep spending their money over and over on the same things? Recently I had occasion to wash 2 quilt bedspreads that I just purchased a few months ago. They disintegrated in the washing machine; when they came out of the dryer the solid blue backs looked to be covered with lint, but in fact it was the internal stuffing coming out through the fabric. I did not realize they were made in China when I bought them, but now I see it on the tags. Last year I purchased 5 sets of pots and pans for our new rooms. I run a quality operation and I purchased what I believed were reasonable quality products. Within weeks of use most of the frying pans needed to be replaced because the teflon coating peeled off after one use. The BBQ tools at our original cabin (10 years old) are still in use and look fine; the ones purchased last spring were rusted and falling apart by last fall and I’ve had to replace them all – sadly I could go on, and on, and ON with more examples. The common theme through it all, is that ALL these items were made in China. Don’t even suggest “buy American” …..YOU try to find American made items in Alaska; try to find them anywhere! Even if you could find what you need, you can’t afford the shipping to get it here, even if you could afford the item, which if not made in China, will be 3 to 4 times as expensive to start with!

So just remember, if it says “Made in China” it was probably made from US trash that we sold them….better keep your receipt. When it breaks, falls apart or disintegrates, maybe you can get your money back. As consumers we must demand better! If we’re diligent as consumers and make our voices heard can we make a difference? As a business operator, the challenge remains how to afford providing quality. Profitability is impossible when things constantly need replacing.

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