Things to Do in & around Seward, Alaska

Because of the incredible beauty of the area, the variety of wildlife viewing opportunities, and the extensive list of uniquely Alaskan activities, you should plan on a minimum three or four-night stay in the Seward area if at all possible!!

Many of our guests stay a week or longer and take day trips to other locations such as Kenai, Cooper Landing, and Hope. Not only are there lots and lots of things to do, but you’ll also want to just relax and take in your surroundings!

Our vacation cabins are great for that and great to come home to at the end of a fun-filled day! Don’t make the same mistake so many other travelers make! Be sure to allow enough time in Seward! Take advantage of our local insight.

We are happy to assist you with your activity planning and help you decide what needs reservations, and when. We’ll even make them for you if you like! Since we live here year-round, we have an intimate knowledge of the area, tours, and vendors. We also gather feedback from our guests each season.

Our recommendations here are based on years of feedback and experience! It’s important to us you have a great trip!

Activities By Air

Flightseeing in Seward, Alaska

Taking to the sky on a flightseeing tour over the Seward, Alaska area can give you a whole different perspective of our beautiful & wildlife-filled land. Small fixed-wing planes either on wheels or floats, both traditional ways for accessing remote locations in Alaska, are available for short or long sightseeing trips. Scenic Mountain Air offers lots of options including a flight to Mt. McKinley! Below we outline your options. Be sure to give yourself enough time to experience some heavenly relaxation in our beautiful and very special cabins, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them just south of Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula.

Scenic Mountain Air is a wonderful family-run company based in Moose Pass that offers flightseeing tours of the area in fixed-wing planes; either on floats or wheels. Tours range from short (45 minutes) to long (4.5 hours) trips to Mt. McKinley/Denali. This page details all the tours. Wheeled planes take off from the Seward airport. Floatplanes take off from Upper Trail Lake, Moose Pass. Most flights 2 person minimum.

Activities With Animals

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding, also known as mushing, is a famous and favorite Alaskan activity. Seward is home to a family of famous dog mushers! To help keep their dogs trained year-round, they offer dog sledding to visitors! This unique insight into dog mushing, of the Seavey family, is incredibly special. Land-based, using wheeled sleds designed by Iditarod Race Winner Mitch Seavey, you’ll get to tour the kennel, learn about the equipment used during the race, try some of it on yourself, and go for a ride being pulled by a team of dogs!! There’s truly nothing like it!! Located north of our cabins, about 6 miles away. Be sure to give yourself time to experience some heavenly relaxation in our beautiful and unique cabins just south of Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them.

Dog Mushing on Land

Ididaride is a small locally owned family company that specializes in running the Iditarod race in the winter. During the summer season, they offer dog sledding tours on wheeled sleds, which include an overview of the Iditarod race. The Seavey family helped found the Iditarod race, and they have three generations of mushers with a fourth coming up. The Seavey family is a line of winners! You’ll learn a lot and have a great time! This activity is a very affordable tour and a must-do activity for all dog lovers! 6 tour times daily starting at 8:30 a.m.

Combine this with your trip to Exit Glacier for a beautiful day. Pack a picnic or lunch at one of the places on Exit Glacier/Herman Lerier Road.

Dog Mushing on Snow/Ice

You have two options for this activity, one in Seward and one in Girdwood.

Ididaride offers two beautiful summer glacier dog sledding trips in combination with a scenic helicopter ride. From the Seward, Airport fly via helicopter up to “4th of July” Glacier where a team of Alaskan huskies trained and owned by Mitch Seavey, a mushing legend and three-time Iditarod Champion awaits you.

Or, from the Girdwood Airport, visit Punch Bowl Glacier. With each tour, you’ll want to dress warmly and be sure to bring your sunglasses and camera! They will provide protective gear before you board the helicopter. (Jackets, pants, and outer boots, etc.)

Once on the glacier, you will meet your musher and the enthusiastic Alaskan Huskies. You will learn all about the Alaskan Huskies, driving a dog team, a musher’s lifestyle, and the famous Iditarod Trail. Learn to drive the sled yourself or settle back in the sled and just enjoy the ride.

This activity is an adventure you will never forget. Most visitors say it was the highlight of their Alaska vacation.

Horseback Riding Stables Tours Seward Alaska

During summer months there is horseback riding available in Seward, just north of the airport, about 6 miles from our cabins. Year-round there is also horseback riding available in Cooper Landing, 45 miles from the cabins, and a beautiful drive any time of the year. Below we detail your options. Be sure to give yourself time to experience some of the best relaxation in our unique waterfront cabins just south of Seward, on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them.

Bardy’s Trail Rides is a small locally owned company offering two-hour trail rides during the summer season. You’ll travel through an area affected by the 1964 quake and have a chance to view a wide variety of wildlife. Located just 6 miles from the cabins. (Closed-toed shoes required).

Alaska Horsemen is a small company located in Cooper Landing, during the summer season they offer a variety of tours from simple 2-hour horseback trail rides to combination paddle/saddle trips that include a paddle in Kenai Lake and some gold panning! Our customers who have taken tours here have been very happy and have spoken highly of their experiences. Cooper Landing is 45 miles north of the cabins, a beautiful drive any time of year. These folks are open year-round.


Alaska SeaLife Center

Alaska SeaLife Center, a marine research and educational center, and the Seward Historic Museum. You can spend hours exploring both these places! Great activities should we have a rainy day during your visit, you should plan on including these in your itinerary, regardless of the weather. Both are just 3 miles from our cabins.

The Alaska SeaLife Center on Railway Avenue at 4th Avenue is an educational, rehabilitation & research marine center that is open year-round to the public. Appealing to all ages, this is a unique facility. We highly recommend a visit; you can plan on spending several hours exploring this fascinating attraction.

They also offer some specialty tours that we also highly recommend. There will be an additional fee beyond Admission and we recommend any tour you can get! 

  • Puffin Encounter (get to feed the puffins)
  • Octopus Experience (get to touch one)
  • Sneak Peek Tours (thirty-minute behind-the-scenes tours)
  • Experiences

Activities By Water

Kenai Fjords

Glacier Viewing  & Whale Watching Seward Alaska

The #1 attraction in Seward is a boat tour into the Kenai Fjords National Park! If there is only one “tour” you do during your visit to the Seward area or Kenai Peninsula, it should be one of these boat trips. Below we give an overview of your options. You can see glaciers in the Seward area by land, boat, or airplane.

Summer (May-Sept) “All-Day” Tours ~ We can get you a discount if we book these for you or you use our code!

There are several vendors to choose from, ranging from large corporations to small family-run companies. Depending on the provider, they may call their tour a Kenai Fjords National Park Tour, Glacier & Wildlife Tour, Small Group Tour, or All-Day Tour. Tour sizes can vary from 6 to 300 people. All tours in this category follow the same basic route, regardless of vendor. They range in time from 5.5 to 9 hours. We always recommend taking one of these tours and highly recommend the smallest boat possible for the most personalized and intimate tour experience.

Our #1 recommendation is Northern Latitude Charters~ they offer an intimate whale watching, wildlife, natural history, and glacier tour, the Kenai Fjords Ultimate Adventure that departs at 8:00 a.m. and returns at approximately 5:00 p.m. Tour cost includes a continental breakfast, lunch, beverages, and snacks. (Their Kenai Fjords Glacier Odessy tour is another great choice! Not quite as long a day on the water as the Ultimate Adventure, but you still get to see a little bit of everything! You can’t go wrong with this tour!) Offered by a small family-run company, guests rave about these tours! Tours should be pre-reserved since there is limited seating; cancellations due to weather receive full refunds. Please allow us to assist with this reservation!  You’ll save an additional 5% off their rates if you use our coupon code. 

Northern Latitude Charters offers a wide variety of tours. Their Kenai Fjords Glacier Odessy tour is another great choice! Not quite as long a day on the water as the Ultimate Adventure, but you still get to see a little bit of everything! You can’t go wrong with this tour!

Seward Ocean Excursions is another small family-run vendor that offers a variety of tours. You’ll save 10% with our coupon code.

Kenai Fjords Tours ~ large corporation, a variety of departure times 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, large boats (160+), lunch included. Mid-May to Late September. We can save you 15% if we book your tour for you, or you can use this link and save 10% if you want to book on your own.

Major Marine Tours ~ variety of vessels – large boats (160 people), catamaran (290 people), buffet lunch (extra cost), assigned seating, National Park Ranger, Departs 10:00 am or 11:30 am Returns 5:30 pm. Mid-May to Mid-September, We can save you 10%.

For those who experience seasickness: seas are rougher later in the day, so earlier departure times are best. The smaller boat operators can also be more accommodating than larger vessels. Fresh ginger and ginger ale also can help, as can medication (get a Scopolamine patch from your Doctor for the best experience).

Summer (May-Sept) “Half-Day” or “Bay” Tours

(We highly recommend the all-day tours rather than “half-day” or “bay” or “value” tours.) All these tours are shorter in time and distance and do not enter the National Park, and you do not see the same amount of wildlife and no calving glacier. All these shorter tours follow the same basic route regardless of the vendor. Times range from 2.5 to 4 hours. Don’t select a shorter trip because of seasickness concerns. The small boat captain on the all-day tour is the only one who can make accommodations anyway! If you are set on one of these short tours, we can still get you a discount if we book the tour for you or if you use our codes.

Off-Season (March – Mid-May) Tours

During the Off-Season (March – mid-May) there are a limited number of Bay Tours or Whale Watching Tours (March – April/early May). Schedules may be limited to once or twice a week (usually Wednesdays and Saturdays). Tours range from 2.5 to 4 hours, generally departing late morning/noon. Weather permitting, this is an excellent activity for the off-season, and we highly recommend it. If you are coming during the shoulder seasons, check with us about our small boat vendor recommendations.

Off-Season Bay & Whale Watching Boat Tour Recommendations ~ We can get you a discount if we book these for you!

Kenai Fjords Grey Whale Watch~ Tours start in late March. Fri & Sat only in March to mid-April, Daily mid-April to mid-May, Noon – 4:00 p.m. Lunch included

Major Marine Grey Whale Watch ~ Tours start in late March, Noon – 4 pm, Beverages provided, and snacks for sale

More About Kenai Fjords National Park

Seward, Alaska, is the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park, accessible by land and sea. This National Park offers some of the most amazing scenery and wildlife anywhere. Seasonally available only (generally May 1 – Sept 30). We highly recommend visiting this National Park via both methods!


Be sure to give yourself time to experience some heavenly relaxation in our unique cabins, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them just south of Seward, Alaska, on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula.

Sea Kayaking Seward Alaska

Kayaking is a very popular activity in the Seward area, even for novices. In addition to tour options, we have a number of guests who bring their personal kayaks and pull them right up on the beach in front of our waterfront cabins. During the summer season, some vendors offer tours ranging from short to all-day trips.

Below we’ve listed our top recommendations, including departure from Lowell Point. For novices interested in kayaking, but preferring calmer waters, check out the lake kayaking we mention below. Be sure to give yourself time to experience some heavenly relaxation in these unique and beautiful cabins just south of Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them.

Essential pre-planning information for kayaking in Alaska waters: The very best first layer to have on is real polypropylene, including socks and gloves. Alaska waters are frigid, and properly dressing is key to enjoyment and survival!

Kayak Adventures is a small Seward, Alaska, family-run company that does an excellent job. They offer various tours, from short, 4-hour trips to all-day trips. Custom trips for two guests are also available and unique. Departure is from Lowell Point for their shorter trips, very convenient from our cabins and rooms (although you’ll need to have checked in at their office in town beforehand).

Chugach Outdoor Center offers sea kayaking in the calm waters of Kenai Lake, an excellent way to experience kayaking without the worry of rough waters.

Sunny Cove Kayaking is an Alaskan company that offers a variety of sea kayaking experiences, including some trips that depart right from Lowell Point.

Check out this valuable guide to our local coastal waters. David Miller’s Exploring Alaska’s Kenai Fjords, A Marine Guide to the Kenai Peninsula Outer Coast, is filled with maps and lots of really great details about the area waters.


Rafting options in the summer make a great day trip from Seward – and there’s quite a selection to choose from! Below we’ve outlined the available rafting options for you.  Be sure to give yourself time to experience some of the best relaxations in our unique and beautiful cabins and view rooms, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them, just south of Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska Wildland Adventures offers a short two-hour Kenai River float trip and an all-day Kenai River Canyon raft trip through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, located in Cooper Landing, a nice day trip from the cabins, about 45 miles away. Our customers have greatly enjoyed their trips with these folks.

Alaska River Company and Alaska River Adventures in Cooper Landing and  Chugach Outdoor Center and Nova Alaska Guide in Hope offer a variety of different rafting options between the Kenai River and white water rafting at 6 Mile Creek, near Hope, about 70 miles north of Seward (an excellent day trip from our cabins).

Paddle Boarding

A relatively new sport is Paddleboarding, and Liquid Adventures offers a wonderful lake experience near Seward!

Fishing in Seward Alaska

There are various fishing options for saltwater fishing in Seward; for the most part, by boat, but at some times of the year, you can fish from shore. For about three weeks in a normal July, you can catch all five species of Salmon from the beach right in front of our waterfront cabins! We have loaner fishing poles for our guests to use (AK Fishing license required). Halibut fishing is generally from mid-April to mid-Sept by boat. These must be all-day trips to get to the halibut grounds. Full-day salmon and combo (salmon & halibut) charters are usually from June to mid-Sept. Below are some recommendations. Salmon charters can be full or half-day trips.

Seward’s Annual Silver Salmon Derby is one of the state’s oldest and largest fishing derbies. It starts the 2nd Saturday of August and runs for 8 1/5 days, finishing the 3rd Sunday of August at Noon. You must purchase a fishing license and appropriate tags (if applicable) for all fishing. Be sure to give yourself time to experience some heavenly relaxation in our unique and beautiful cabins with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them, just south of Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula.

Selecting the best fishing charter for your desires can often be challenging, as we have learned over the years. There are some factors to take into consideration, and you should before making any reservation. What size boat and how many people do you want to fish with on the vessel? 6, 12, 24? How many people can the boat seat inside, and how many people total will be on the vessel? On inclement weather days, this can become the most important issue. Does the boat have a private indoor head (bathroom); if not, what are the facilities? What is the policy if you cannot fish for your selected species? What is the policy if the charter is canceled or cut short due to weather? How experienced and familiar are the Captain & crew in these waters? Over the years, our local insight, the answers to the above questions, and customer feedback have led us to the vendor recommendations below.

We’re happy to help you decide and make your reservation for you if we can. Given time differences and the small nature of these companies, it is often easier for us to help since we’re right here and familiar with everyone’s schedules. If the folks we recommend below are full, we can assist in finding someone else who is capable. All fishing charters include gear, bait & filleting of fish. You’ll want to bring food & beverage. You’ll need to purchase a fishing license. All trips are subject to a 7% tax, a $3.50 port fee, and possible fuel surcharges (currently around $15 per person).

Saltwater/Ocean Fishing:

Carl Huges runs a small family company with high standards. They offer fishing charters and sightseeing trips. Full-day charters from approx. Mid-May to Early September generally departs at 7:30 a.m. and returns approx. 4:30 p.m. They have single-species charters for salmon, halibut, and lingcod, combo salmon/halibut, or combo halibut/lingcod trips.

We have other excellent suggestions if they are full; just send us an email, and we will do our best to help.

Fresh Water/River Fishing:

Want to fish the Kenai River for salmon? We’re excited to recommend Kenai River Float-N-Fish! John and Heather receive very high marks from their customers! Located in Cooper Landing, nearby and convenient.

Activities On Land

Hiking Trails Seward Alaska Overview

Hiking trails in the Seward area are extensive and varied. No matter what your skill level, there’s a hike for you. Because of our vast wilderness, it only takes a few minutes to feel as if you are in another world. Below we give you an overview of our favorite trails and some resources for exploring the numerous options. You can also spend a lot of time just walking the beaches of the cabins. Our three waterfront cabins have private stairs to the beach; the Herons Roost is just a short walk from beach access at South Beach and the Caines Head trailhead.

Our favorite hike is to Tonsina Creek, which is accessible from Lowell Point, a part of the Caines Head State Recreation Area. You access the trail from Lowell Point Recreational Area’s upper parking lot.

Note: Depending on rain and flooding conditions, the trail may be rough; we recommend sturdy footwear. You can also hike all the way to Caines Head, the home of historic World War II Ft. McGilvary. This hike must get coordinated with tides; one coastal section requires a minus low tide for hiking. We suggest a minimum of -1.4 to hike the coastal rocks safely. This part of the planning is complicated!! Let us help you figure this out! We know how to read the tide tables and can help you be sure you don’t get stranded or stuck! Because of the distance and tides, you can only hike in one direction (without spending the night). Plan on taking a water taxi in the opposite direction. This map (scroll down on the page) shows the trails.


The Lost Lake/Primrose Trail (referred to as separate pathways depending on which end you start from) is very popular and accessible year-round; guests often tell us about these trails as favorites.

This Page on the Chugach Forest website lists all the trails within the Forest; each has a page that details the hike and rates the difficulty level. There are “Hiking” binders within each unit that contain reference maps. There’s also a Forestry Office in Seward where you can pick up maps.

This map roughly shows the locations of trails on the Kenai Peninsula; scroll down for a list of links to pages of details by trail. Many trails are accessible year-round. In town, there is a very cute trail in the city of Seward Two Lake Park called “Two Lakes Trail!”

Depending on snow, you can hike the Harding Icefield Trail at the Kenai Fjords National Park, seasonally between mid-May to the end of September. The ice field has receded quite a bit, so reaching ice can be a longer and more challenging hike than you may have heard. The trail has changed a lot over the years.

Within the land side of the Kenai Fjords National Park, you can also hike to the face of Exit Glacier. This trail gets longer every year as the glacier recedes into the mountain. It’s well worth the effort to get up close and personal with this magnificent and dying treasure.

Last but not least, you can hike Mt. Marathon, the trail of our famous race, on the 4th of July. From downtown Seward go west on Jefferson till you see the trailhead famous for the 4th of July race held annually. This hike is not and should not be attempted by most people!

For all hikes, stay on the trail. Never try to take a “shortcut,” looks can be deceiving, and you can find yourself stranded.

Be prepared for bears; hike with a can of pepper spray clipped to your belt or another spot where it is easy to reach. We have loaner cans of spray you may borrow. We have additional hiking information in each cabin or room, including maps. We’re familiar with the area; don’t hesitate to ask questions!

For an overview of hikes in the Anchorage area, click here.

Here are some great Hiking tips:


Hiking in Alaska can be a tricky business. It might be a hot, sun shining clear day when you start up a trail, a great day to travel light, and just leave the pack in the car. Then, halfway up a trail on, say, Lazy Mountain, everything will change. Suddenly thick clouds waft in, a chill wind escalates, and street faults-in June!

Here’s a list of what you can wear or bring on a hike that will keep you comfortable and might even save your life.

  1. Comfortable shoes appropriate for the Terrain: Tackling a long, steep, uneven, rocky, or slippery trail requires a shoe or boot with deeper tread and more support around the foot and ankle.
  2. Non-cotton layers you can add or subtract as needed-thin long underwear shirt and pants (shorts aren’t a great idea because many of the trails in our area are rimmed with irritating or prickly plants like devils club and pants. A windproof layer is easily tucked into a pack. Bring a wool or polyester hat and gloves.
  3. An appropriately sized backpack with a properly fitting hip belt and chest buckle.
  4. A fully charged cell (or a satellite phone, if you’ll be out on a longer trip in remote areas)
  5. First-aid supplies, in a waterproof container.
  6. Plenty of water: You can bring water in bottles or reservoir bags. NEVER drink from a stream, lake, or other bodies of water without purifying the water with a filter; iodine, purifier tablets, or by boiling.
  7. Food: Pack things like sandwiches, trail mix, fruit, Clif (or similar) bars, and/or smoked salmon strips in containers that keep the food from being mashed to mush inside your pack.
  8. Topographic map and compass or a GPS: Learn how to use them properly before relying on them in the field!
  9. Mosquito repellent with DEET: Don’t apply to the hands of very young children.
  10. Toilet paper, in a Ziploc plastic bag.
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Sunscreen: Use a high-SPF product and reapply it throughout the day. Also, use a lip balm with sunscreen.
  13. Bear spray/bear belts/weapon (if you’re well-trained in how to carry and use one safely)
  14. Cap: To help keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes.
  15. Whistle: Can be useful in case a child or someone else gets separated from the group.
  16. Small garbage bags: Use these for garbage, slide one over your backpack if it starts to rain, sit on one if the ground is sloppy, or toss your muddy, sweaty boots and clothes inside one after you’re finished hiking.
  17. Diapers, child snacks, and other things you might need if you’re bringing kids too small to carry their own pack.
  18. Parking pass sticker; or money to pay parking fees, as well as a pen for filling out the envelope for the park’s pass fee.
  19. Bandanna: Wrap your lunch in one of these, blow your nose with it, shield your nose and mouth from dust, or create a makeshift hat if the sun gets intense.
  20. Hiking poles: Terrific for helping you safely descend steep terrain, reducing the punishment knees receive during an outing, helping children cross streams or hike down from steep places.

Walking Tours and Mural Capital Seward Alaska

The town of Seward is just 3 miles north of our beautiful waterfront cabins and rooms. Downtown Seward’s history dates back to the early 1900s and is a fun little town with lots of cute shops. Many visitors enjoy walking the docks in the Small Boat Harbor.

In 2008 Seward was officially declared Alaska’s mural Capital after they installed their 12th mural. The collection has continued to grow throughout the years to at least 22. You can see all the paintings and plan your tour by visiting this map.

If you like the shingle artwork of Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, you can walk around both Seward and Lowell Point to see more of Paul’s Silhouette Shingles murals.


Seward Historical Museum

A history-rich town, Seward has a small but fascinating museum, located in their Community Library. This quaint and interesting museum makes for a great rainy-day activity especially. You should really try to include this in your itinerary, regardless of the weather. Just 3 miles from our cabins. SUMMER HOURS (JUNE 1- SEPT 1) 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M.

The Earthquake Movie about the 1964 quake in Alaska and Seward is shown at the Library downtown on the corner of 5th and Adams Mondays through Saturdays during summer months at 2 PM.

Gold Panning Seward Alaska-Day Trip

Panning for gold is a fun day trip from our cabins. There are several locations on the Kenai Peninsula, short trips from our cabins where you can pan for gold in local creeks during the summer season. In Cooper Landing, you can learn how to pan for gold in a comfortable setting, or south of Anchorage, on your way to or from Seward, you can stop at a real mine. Below we have detailed the various options. Be sure to give yourself time to experience some of the best relaxation in our unique waterfront cabins and beautiful view rooms, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them just south of Seward, on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula

The nearest gold panning location from our cabins is in Cooper Landing at Prospector John’s. An excellent day trip and drive from Seward any time of year. For those interested in learning about gold panning, this is the perfect setting, comfortably designed for you to get real “pay dirt” from a local gold mine. This panning is an excellent way to practice before attempting to gold pan in one of the numerous creeks in the area.

Stop at the Indian Valley Mine on your drive down to Seward or on your way back to Anchorage. An original historic mine and family-run business, here you can purchase “pay-dirt” guaranteed to contain gold. You’ll experience outstanding views of Turnagain Arm.

Take a side trip or a day trip to Girdwood and visit the Crow Creek Mine!


Favorite Shops

Everything is on 4th Avenue Downtown!

Alaska Shop – Downtown, gifts, local artist gallery, office supplies, and a few electronics.

Treats and Treasures (Formerly Brown & Hawkins) – Downtown, historic site, clothing & gifts

Once in a Blue Moose – Downtown, Alaskan artwork & gifts (also in Anchorage).

Ranting Raven – Downtown, unique gifts, wonderful shop! Great coffee shop in the back too!

Sew ‘N B Cozy – Downtown, great (incredible!) quilting & fabric shop, sewers beware!

Sweet Darlings – Homemade candy and sweets, gelato, coffee, candied nuts, gifts.

Urbach’s – Downtown, wonderful clothing shop

Stores and Necessities

Email Portals

  • We have high-speed Wi-Fi on our property

Wi-Fi Around Town

  • Grant Electronics downtown on 4th Ave.
  • Library 5th & Adams.
  • Alaska SeaLife Center
  • Resurrect Art CoffeeHouse
    • The kayak shop on 3rd Avenue north of Resurrect Art
    • Sea Bean Coffee shop downtown on 4th Avenue.


  • Safeway, on the Seward Hwy.
  • First National Bank of Alaska, downtown on 4th.


  • Seward Chiropractic Center Dr. Gonzales
  • Progressive Chiropractic Dr. Hayes
  • Both are great; and very different.

Hospital or Clinic

  • Glacier Family Medical, Seward Highway across from the turnoff for Exit Glacier.
  • Seward Community Clinic, Jefferson & 1st Avenue, entrance on 1st Ave.
  • Providence Emergency is located at Jefferson & 1st Avenue, entrance on Jefferson.

Grocery Stores

  • Safeway on the Seward Highway just north of the turnoff for the boat harbor area.
  • Three Bears, just south of Safeway, has some fresh produce, but in general, is better for bulk purchases only although you may find some things there.

Gym/Fitness Center

  • REZ located downtown on 5th Ave. and geared for drop-in clients.
  • Apex Gym, located north of the turn-off to Exit Glacier on the West side of the highway.

Ice Cream

  • In the boat harbor, The Creamery.
  • Downtown at Sweet Darlings.


  • Downtown on 5th & Adams, during the summers they show the Earthquake movie at 2 PM (except Sundays).
  • Wifi is accessible from outside.


  • The Retreat corner of 4th and Madison, midtown.


  • Self-serve, at Bear Creek Trailer Park, mile 6 of the Seward Highway. Visit the SALMON WEIR nearby while waiting!
  • Self-Service and Drop laundry at Suds & Swirl, SW corner of 3rd Ave & Jefferson (great service).
  • Short road trip to Wildman’s in Cooper Landing! They also have ice cream!


  • In the Library, low-cost admission, great rainy day activity.

Gas Stations

  • Three Bears Shell, Seward Highway north of Port Ave. on the west side (mile 2).
  • Essential One, Seward Highway, south of Safeway.

Auto Service & Repairs

  • Terry’s Tire for light mechanic work, oil changes, tire repairs on 3rd Ave.
  • No Sweatt on 3rd Avenue/Seward Highway just north of Wells Fargo Bank.

Places to Eat

Open year-round – Although all of these places are classified as open “year-round” they may close for short periods during winter months ~ If you are visiting during the off-season, it’s best to call ahead or check their Facebook to see if they are open.

We’ll have the most up-to-date information on restaurants waiting for you in your room or cabin regarding any seasonal places we’re recommending.

***2021 Update*** Although many are noted below as open for lunch and dinner the J1 Student worker shortage has resulted in some places only being able to staff one shift. Most have chosen dinner. Places that serve three meals may close between shifts. Best to call ahead or check their websites or Facebook feed. Make reservations for dinner.

Apollo – Downtown on 4th Avenue, Greek & Italian, they will cook your freshly caught fish for you! We love their Halibut Monte Mio.

The Cookery – Award-Winning Nationally! Don’t miss it! Downtown on 5th Avenue. Absolutely fantastic! Lunch, Dinner, Saturday Brunch, maybe lunch & brunch only in the off-season. Check their Facebook Page for the latest updates.

Resurrect Art & Coffee Shop – Downtown 3rd Ave., converted church, art gallery & coffee shop, light snacks (bagels, cookies).

Thorne’s Showcase Lounge – Downtown, lunch & dinner (sometimes breakfast also), try their halibut! GREAT! (transitioning to seasonal.) Great bottle collection on the walls.

Gene’s Place – Downtown in Seward Hotel on 5th, Breakfast & Dinner only, tiny place, but good food, Year Round.

Sweet Darlings – Downtown on 4th, locally made candy, ice cream, gelato, coffee, gifts. Year-Round with some winter closures.

Woody’s Thai – Between downtown & the harbor on 4th, we love their Thai food! According to our Thai employee, it’s authentic!  Open Year Round, Lunch & Dinner

Breeze Inn Restaurant – Small boat harbor, standard hotel-style fare. Open Year Round. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Mermaid Grotto – North end of the small boat harbor. Unique and quirky. Fusion menu. Open Year Round. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Great gift shop as well!



Seward Signature Events

Seward is a busy place year-round. The Chamber of Commerce sponsors these signature events:

There are also many other events – check our local paper The Seward Journal.